What We Offer

Challenger Biosciences’ clients benefit from our expertise, our pragmatic approach to problem-solving, and our unwavering focus on helping our oceans and seas. Here’s what we offer to each client and project:

The Right Motivation

Challenger Biosciences brings a unique — and at times iconoclastic — perspective to every assignment. We understand that restoration and conservation of the sea, not maximizing financial return on investment, is the primary motive of our clients. At the same time, we and our clients understand that new enterprises — no matter how innovative — must eventually achieve and sustain profitability in order to deliver ocean-benefiting solutions over the long haul.  

The Right Approach

Building new, ocean-benefiting enterprises is no small challenge.  Success often rests on unconventional strategies and tactics — approaches that can, at times, differ markedly from those used by venture capitalists and other business leaders whose primary goal is financial return. Challenger Biosciences approaches these challenges with creative, dedicated and tenacious problem-solving born from decades of hands-on work at the frontiers of triple bottom-line endeavors, where visionary thinking, world-class science and superb engineering meet product design, innovation and entrepreneurial venturing. 

The Right Expertise

Challenger Biosciences’ consulting service is built on a solid foundation of scientific, technological and industrial research.  We bring to every project a deep understanding of marine biology, ocean science and technology.  We then go a step further, coupling our scientific know-how to proven expertise in intellectual asset management, technology transfer and business development.  This combination of experience helps us and our clients focus on the advancement of new products and ventures that benefit the sea by delivering sustained returns on the triple bottom-line.

How inappropriate it is to call this planet the Earth, when it is quite clearly ocean.
— Arthur C. Clarke