“This was one of the most valuable discussions that I've had since starting to work on Scoot. Thank you. I'm very excited and enthusiastic about digging in to the customer segment that we discussed.”

Jonathan LaRiviere, Ph.D.
CEO and Co-Founder
Scoot Science, Inc.
Finalist, 2016 Startup Challenge,
Monterey Bay, California


During two very productive conversations, Don had some great insights into both our business plan and financial model. In the last call in particular, he helped me think through a way to build revenue projections from the ground up.

Eric Enno TamM
CEO and Co-Founder, ThisFish, Inc.
Vancouver, Canada


"Don’s conversations with and insights offered to a number of both non-profit and for-profit groups we’ve been working with have proven instrumental.  I’m sure he’ll be able to similarly help you think through some of the business issues you are wrestling with."

Mark Schrope
Program Director, Schmidt Marine Technology Partners



“Thank you for being such an inspiration to this very important science and technology program. That you had so much energy after such travels [to Islamabad, Pakistan] was remarkable! Your enthusiasm and adaptability to the ever-changing agenda and the jointly-led sessions was deeply appreciated...  I want to convey our sincere appreciation for your participation. We cannot convey our gratitude sufficiently.”

Katherine E. Himes, Ph.D.
Former AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow,
US Agency for International Development

Director of the McClure Center for Public Policy
at the University of Idaho