Turning science into solutions

Challenger Biosciences helps transform science into solutions that benefit our oceans and seas. Too often, innovative ideas hit rough seas and never find commercial or technological success. That's where Challenger Biosciences can help. We work with foundations, venture philanthropists, government agencies and those who receive their grants and investments to keep projects moving forward.


“What will be the nature of the ocean that we leave as a legacy to our grandchildren and to the generations that follow them?

“The answer to this question will be determined in large part by our ability to transform science into solutions. We can — and we must — create new technologies that allow us to live in harmony with a vital, vibrant sea.” 

- Don Gerhart, Challenger Biosciences founder and president

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About Don Gerhart

Challenger Biosciences’ founder, Don Gerhart, works at the intersection of research, innovation and ocean conservation. He studied at Johns Hopkins University, earning a bachelor’s degree in Earth and Planetary Sciences, being inducted into Phi Beta Kappa along the way. He went on to earn a doctorate in biological sciences from Stony Brook University in 1984.